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AXT Automatic Door Opener

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The VSB Automatic Door Opener from AXT is a German made, light sensitive, battery operated pop-hole door opener for vertical sliding chicken coop doors.

This unit is mounted on the outside of your hen house and is perfect for the Devon Hen House or any chicken coop that has a pop hole (up/down sliding) door.

If you have a Devon with Run ,Devon with Double Run or intend to add a run to your Devon Hen House at a later stage then we recommend our Door Opener Kit which comes with special pullies, extra cord, hook and instructions on how to set it up.

This door opener can also be fitted with a Digital Battery Timer with allows you to override the light sensitve time and rather set the time that the door opens or closes.

The VSB Automatic Opener is powered by 4 AA batteries which are included in your order. Batteries typically last around a year under normal operating conditions.

When you order an AXT Door Opener from us you are also covered by a 3-year Manufacturers Warranty.


For instructions on how to fit the door opener: click here.


How the door opener uses a tiny bead to activate the motor cut out lever.

How The AXT Door Opener Works

"I now have my weekend lay in back!"

It's one of the best things I could have got, I now have my weekend lay in back and I don't have to worry anymore if I'm late home from work now the nights are drawing in. Very quick delivery & very easy to install

Chicken Coop Review
By Kim - Lincolnshire

"Everyone should install these"

Everyone should install these as it means you do not have to rush home to lock up the chooks before it gets dark and the foxes are out.

Hen House Reviews
By Judy

"Totally Reliable."

Having purchased a competitor's version previously which was cheaper but needed exchanging not once but three times, I ordered this one and have not looked back. I have not had a single problem with it and no longer fear my hens being locked in, or worse still, locked out- totally reliable.

Chicken House Review
By Nichola - Lancashire

"A perfect solution"

A perfect solution to the laborious task of shutting in poultry at night. It can be confidently left to do its work and requires little adjustment. I have had one for over ten years and can thoroughly recommend them.

Chicken Coup Review
By Brian Fairey - Ripley Derbyshire

"Get one!"

It installed in about 5 minutes and it was so easy I could have done it without directions. It worked on my existing coop door which is great. It opens at dawn (I know, because I hear my rooster crowing when the sun is up) and it closes at night, about 1/2 hr after my chickens go to bed. Get one!

Wooden Hen House Review
By Mark Burfoot - Slade Green, Erith

"You won't be disappointed"

I have just bought the door closer and timer.So reliable don't have to get up early to let out hens,or have to wait for them to go in, before going out so easy to fit and program timer envy of all my friends that keep chickens would defiantly recommend you won't be disappointed.

Poultry Coops
By Stephen frost - Dartford Kent

"Wish we'd bought one years ago!"

Brilliant bit of kit. Got fed up waiting for husband to fit so did it myself in a few minutes. Wish we'd bought one years ago, when I think of all the summer evenings we've waited for the chooks to go in before we could go out!! Doh! Absolutely recommend this item, buy it, you won't be disappointed!

Poultry Coops
By Max - Warks

"Wish I had bought this initially, well worth extra money!"

Having scoured the internet I initially bought a cheaper door kit from another company, which was tricky to fit and proved so unreliable I had to return it. I then purchased the VSB. This was easily fitted and works brilliantly. Wish I had bought this initially, well worth extra money!'.

Best Chicken Coop
By David - Leicester


Fitting the door opener to your Devon Hen House is reasonably straight forward.

1. Secure a screw, hook or something similar to the wooden door handle of the pop door on the Devon Hen House making sure that it is positioned in the middle of the handle.

2. Next unscrew the plastic front of the housing using a philip's screw driver and then fit the 4 batteries

3. Secure the door opener near the top of the panel and slightly off centre so that the cord is directly inline with the position of the hook. You want the door to lift directly up and not at a slight angle as this may cause the cord to snap over time.

4. Test the functionality of the door opener by covering it completely with a tick towel or cloth, this will then cause the door to start to close.


Product Details

Manufacturer: AXT Electronic

Warranty: 3 Years Manufacturer Warranty

Dimensions: L12.5 x W12.5 x D7.5cm (approx.)

Lifting Capacity: 3kg

Maximum Lift: 60cm

Batteries: 4 x AA (supplied)

Battery Life: 1 - 2 years for 3kg door

Note: This unit will NOT work with ramps

Made in: Germany



If you are ordering a door opener with a Devon Hen House then we will send it along with your coop. Click here for full delivery details.

If you are ordering the door opener by itself then it will be sent by either courier or the Royal Mail. Delivery usually takes a few days.



Foxes are by far the biggest threat that your pets will face so if you are going to keep your chickens then we also urge you to take these added precautions especially if you know you have foxes in your area.


Keeping Chickens Book

If you are new to keeping chickens then don't leave without claiming a copy of "The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Keeping Chickens."


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