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Chicken Coop Affiliate Program


Become a affiliate today and we will pay you commission for each and every visitor you send that buys a chicken coop from us. Earn 6% - 9% commission - (as much as £50 or more per a sale!). And we'll give you commission even if the visitor doesn't buy in the first visit!

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Referal Commissions For Chicken Coops

1. Send Your Visitors to

Simply link to our website from your website or blog using a special piece of code (that you will get after you sign up below) which identifies you and your website as the source of the 'lead'.

2. Customer Makes a Purchase

After arriving on our site the visitor you sent is tracked with this speacial piece of code. If the customer makes a purchase you will receive credit for the sale, earning up to 9% commission no matter how large or small the order is!

And if a visitor doesn't buy the first time he or she visits the site, you will still get the commission for the sale when the visitor returns within 6 months and buys it on another day(even without first going through your link).

3. You Get Paid!

You receive commission payments the month following the date the purchase was made. You can choose to be paid by check, direct deposit or via PayPal.

Affiliate program

  • We have high conversion rates (1% - 3.5 %) , so sending us just a few visitors a day can mean an extra £50 or £100 a month. ( Our top affiliate make over £1000 a month )
  • There is no cost to apply or join - just sign up below!
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Chicken Coop Affiliate Program