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Devon With Run

Devon Hen House With Run

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The versitle and feature rich Devon Hen House With Run allows your hens a secure area outside their coop as well as giving you total control of your flock if and when you need it.

Chicken House With Run

With over 9 sq feet of internal space the Devon Hen House itself is able to house up to 6 to 7 medium sized chickens quite comfortably.

Chicken House And Run

The 11 square ft run can be fixed permanently to the coop or simply pushed up against it. This run can also be easily extended should you wish to keep your hens inside a run at all tmes and want to give them more room to roam.

Hen House For 5 to 6 Chickens

The Devon Hen House is one of our easiest coops to clean thanks to a large fully removable pull out tray which is deeper than most other models online, so it is able to hold more bulky bedding material.

Wooden Hen Houses

The large nesting box allows you to easily collect your eggs in a matter of minutes without disturbing your flock. It can also be easily unbolted from the side of the house to give you more access to the interior of the hen house for cleaning.

Hen House for sale

The large nesting box comes with 3 cosy areas which will allow all your hens the perfect place to lay, ensuring that you are rewarded with a constant and fresh supply every morning.

hen houses

Inside you will also see that there are 3 separate and removable perches, positioned high up inside the hen house and giving plenty of roosting room for all your chickens.

Hen House With Pop Up Door

The front and back panels of the Devon Hen House are easily inter changeable so you can choose whether you want the sliding door entrance or the vertically opening door entrance (as shown below) to face the front.

Wooden Hen House

Another great feature of this hen house is that it also comes with the vertically opening pop hole which allows you to fit an automatic door opener.

Hen Coop With Run

Two large lockable door gives you easy access to either side of the run should you wish to change your chickens' water or top up a feeder with food.

"The quality of house and components are excellent"

Thought you might like some feed back. Arrived when you said it would. We are very pleased indeed, the quality of house and components are excellent, and so were the instructions. It is all ready to move the Girls into tomorrow morning Thank you, it has been a pleasure doing business with you and your company.

Chicken Coop Review
By Bren and Tom van Laun - Stowmarket

"This is an absolutely excellent chicken house and run"

As the person who has had responsibility for building the house and the run, I'd like to endorse Kate's comments. I don't think that I have ever before come across a product of this nature which has been so thoughtfully packaged (in the sense of different sized screws being sent in different bags, etc) and which has fitted together so well.

This is an absolutely excellent chicken house and run, dead easy to assemble, and your customer service has been outstanding. An absolute pleasure to buy from - we will recommend you.

Hen House Reviews
By Sian Griffiths.- Helston, CORNWALL

"Chicken Coops Direct ranks at 100% good."

Apart from a glitch with the website at first, the whole experience of ordering, paying and delivery within 2 days was an absolute mail-order dream!! Brian and I order a whole raft of products for ourselves and our 2 elderly mothers, online and we do certainly experience some difficult companies to deal with but Chicken Coops Direct ranks at 100% good. Thanks to Tony, Mike and Maria.
Our daughter will be in the market shortly looking for some chooks/housing, so guess where we shall direct her?

Chicken House Review
By Pam and Brian Watt.- Greenhithe, KENT

"Absolutely delighted with the quality of the product"

Having recently purchased the Devon hen house and run from Chickencoopsdirect I am absolutely delighted with the quality of the product. I'm a newcomer to keeping chickens and this for me is the perfect hen house for my garden. Not only does it look good but more importantly my 3 new Chickens have made themselves at home straight away. They have the space and comfort they need in a compact, practical and robustly designed house.

The service received from Chickencoopsdirect is second to none. Sound advice and a faultless, prompt delivery service. Highly recommended.

Chicken Coup Review
By Gary Porter - Petersfield, HANTS

"They would be crazy to go anywhere else"

I ordered the Devon Coop & Run which was delivered without a hitch. It was left exactly as per the delivery instructions....faultless. It was simple to erect on my own with my wife er... shall we say supervising, and it only took about 40 minutes. Thank you so much for the follow up information which is and I'm sure will continue to be very helpful. It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with a modern company with old fashioned values. If anyone is unsure which company to purchase their Chicken Coop from they would be crazy to go anywhere else. Once again many thanks from us both. Kindest Regards. Mark & Al.

Wooden Hen House Review
By Mark Burfoot - Slade Green, Erith

"Putting the coop together was very easy and took little time."

Everything has gone well. The delivery was quick and with no damage. Putting the coop together was very easy and took little time. Overall experience has been very positive and would certainly recommend your company to other potential clients.

Poultry Coops
By Allan Higgitt - Ruthin, Denbighshire

"A small company who make an effort on an individual basis"

I haven't actually set the coop itself up yet, waiting for the weekend. I'll wait until I've assembled it. However, I'm happy to say that I've found the purchasing and delivery process very good. The website is clear, ordering has gone without a hitch and delivery was fine. I'd also note that it's really pleasant to have the level of customer care I've had from the company.

It is evident that one is not dealing with a monster like Amazon, but a small company who make an effort on an individual basis.

Poultry Coops
By William - Market Harborough

"I am really pleased"

I appreciate the value of feedback and genuine testimonials to small businesses in a competitive market - so here goes:

'Chicken Coop Direct's website contained all the information needed to make an informed choice - and contained valuable images of their product range. What's more, the product delivered was just as advertised 'on the tin' and competitively priced. I was particularly impressed by the customer friendly assistance given when a problem arose with my initial attempt with a card payment.

The personal contacts made to inform me of a short delay in delivery time - and a reassurance that the coop ordered had been dispatched - were much appreciated. I also was surprised and grateful to receive from Chicken Coops Direct two follow-up e-mail messages. The first offered very useful advice on the different breeds of chickens to assist in making an informed choice of birds - and the second on how to keep the birds in a happy and healthy condition. Well done Chicken Coops Direct'.

Best Chicken Coop
By David Roscoe - Cheshire

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Chicken Houses Runs Review

1.How many hens can the Devon & Run hold?

It really will depend on the breed of chicken and the size of the breed and how you intend to keep them.

The raised roosting and nesting area of the Devon Hen House will hold 6 to 7 medium sized birds quite comfortably. (Some customers do keep more but we feel 6 to 7 hens is optimal.)

What is probably more important to consider is the amount of space they will have during the day.

If you intend to give them time to roam around your garden then the run space is less of a determining factor and 6 to 7 hens would be perfectly fine.

However if they are to spend their entire day inside the Devon with Run then personally I'd think 2 maybe 3 medium sized hens would be the amount to keep.

If you are thinking about investing in the Devon with Double Run then you can increase that number to 4 medium sized hens or bantams and they would be fine.

The benefit of all our coops is that the run can be easily extended at a later date should the need arise and in theory you can add as many run extensions as you need.

On a side note, we always recommend that whatever your circumstance and set up that you try and give your hens a few hours outside their coop and run in the late afternoon and early evening.

2.Can I fit an Automatic Door Opener to this coop?

Yes, the Devon Hen House has be specifically designed so it can be fitted with an automatic door opener. We use and recommend this door opener kit which comes with a door opener and a few extra's that you'll need for the Devon with Run.

3.Can I have the Devon with a verticle (pop-hole) door?

The Devon comes with both a verticle opening (pop-door) and a sliding door. There are two 'front' panels. One has the sliding door and the other the pop hole door. You can choose to face either one in the front.


4.Is the wood treated?

Yes, the Devon and Run comes with a base coat treatment of wood preservative

But as with all outdoor wooden structures in our harsh climate, we recommend that the timber be treated on a regular basis to ensure a long life. If the coop is treated to begin with and thereafter on a yearly basis, and is well looked after and cleaned regularly there is no reason why a lifespan of 5 to 7 years could not be expected.

There are many popular products available with Cuprinol , Ronseal and Wilkinson amongst the better known brands.

A lot of customers use and recommend these: Brand Option 1 or Brand Option 2


5. Can I use the Devon & Run for rabbits/ducks?

While the product has been specifically designed to house chickens a few customers have pruchased the Devon With Run for their rabbits or ducks and the feedback has been positive.

We also make and sell wide range of well made rabbit hutches and runs: Visit our website:


6. Is the Devon fox proof?

We would like to think that our coops are made to a higher standard than most other suppliers in this price range. While we have purposely used thicker, sturdier wood, wire and locks with the aim to make it as safe and secure as possible for your chickens we cannot absolutely guarantee that foxes and other predators wont try and target them.

Foxes are by far the biggest threat that your pets will face so if you are going to keep your chickens then we also urge you to take these added precautions especially if you know you have foxes in your area.

Measurements & Maintenance

All our coops use 12mm T&G supported by strong 35mm x 25mm framework.
Our wire mesh much thicker than most : 1.5mm thick

Hen house Run measurements

Hen House Dimensions:

Total external dimensions : L 100cm x W 127.5cm (including nesting box) x H 108cm
Total external dimension (in inches) L 39.3" x W 50.1" x H 42.5"

Internal housing: L 82.5cm x W 80.5cm
Internal housing (in inches): L 32.4" x W 31.4"
Total area : 7.14 square feet

Internal nesting box: L 74.5cm x W 30.5cm
Internal nesting box (in inches) :L 29.3" x 12"
Total area : 2.44 square feet

Run Dimensions:

External dimensions : L 130 cm x W 83cm x H 102cm
External dimension (in inches): L 51.1" x W 32.6"

Internal run dimensions: L 128 cm x W 80cm
Internal run dimensions (in inches): L 50.3" x W 31.4"

Internal run area: 11.02 square feet

Hen House With Run Footprint:

Total external dimensions (max) : L 224.5 cm x W 127.5cm (incl nesting box) x H 108cm
Total external dimensions (in inches): L 88.3" x W 50.1" x H 42.5"
Total combined area of hen house and run: over 20.5 square feet.

Chicken Wire

Approx mesh size: 19mm x 19mm (approx 0.5" square) & diameter of wire is 1.5 mm



The Devon Hen House With Run is supplied flat packed for easy home assembly. This set comes flat packed in three boxes :

Box 1 - 108 x 84 x 15 cm - weight: 18.5kgs.
Box 2 - 103 x 71 x 15 cm - weight: 18.5 kgs.
Box 3 - 135 x 83 x 15 cm - weight 18 kgs.

Instructions included. All you will need is a small screwdriver and an adjusting spanner.

* All measurements are approximate and are provided for informational purposes only.



Our wooden coops are treated with a base coat of wood preservative.The wood we use in this product is a highly durable and scented softwood which is noted for its resistance to decay and rot.

As with all outdoor wooden structures we strongly recommend that you treat your coop with a high quality varnish or wood preservative before exposing it to the elements and that you re-treat it at least once a year (preferably before the winter season) to maintain the applied preservative and water repellent properties. There are many popular products available with Cuprinol , Ronseal and Wilkinson amongst the better known brands.

We also recommend that you try and position your chicken coop in a protected area which is not overly exposed to high winds and the elements.

Keeping Chickens Guide

If you are new to keeping chickens then don't leave without claiming a copy of "The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Keeping Chickens."


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