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Chickens For Sale In Devon

Back to the Land

A family run smallholding that supplies PoL pullets, live hatching eggs, day old chicks, ducks, geese, and chickens. Pure breeds and hybrids available. They are open 7 days a week up to 8pm, by appointment only.

Breeds: Welsummers, Light Sussex, Cuckoo Maran, Indian Game, Cream Legbar, Ginger Ranger, Lohman Brown, Bluebelles, Rhode Island Reds

10 Grenville avenue
Torquay Devon

Phone Number: 07989888604/ 07726 513375
Emal: salesbacktotheland@gmail.com

Chickens in Devon

They supply  point of lay chickens and hatching eggs, but have to be ordered in advance.

Breeds: Silkies, Black/White Leghorns, Crested Cream Legbar, Buff/Black Orpingtons, Lavender Araucarna, Polish Chamois, Vorwerk, etc.

Fairleigh Farm
Folly Gate, Okehampton
Devon EX20 3BA

Phone Number:  01837 53222
Email: arch.russell@googlemail.com

Harepathstead Poultry

A family run business specialising in breeding and supplying chickens and bantams, point of lay pullets, hatching eggs, ducks, geese, quail and turkeys. They are open Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-4pm, other days by appointment.

Breeds: Light/Silver Sussex, Columbian Black Tail, White Leghorn, Amber/Rhode Rock, Blue/Speckled Maran, etc.

Harepathstead Farm

Phone Number: 01404 – 823 415
Email: paul@harepathsteadpoultry.co.uk

Larksfield Poultry

Located just outside Exeter in East Devon, Larksfield Poultry offers different varieties of point of lay pullets.
Breeds: Marans, Khaki Campbells, Polands, White Campbell X’s, Muscovies, Brahmas, etc.

Phone Number: 01404811344
Email: larksfieldpoultry@googlemail.com

Moon Ridge farm

A family run small holding that supplies point of lay chickens of various breeds all year round. Ducks, geese, turkey, and quail also available.

Breeds: Marans, Columbian Blacktail, White Leghorn, Light Sussex.

Moon Ridge Farm
Newton St Cyres

Phone Number: 01392 851190 / 07891 329538.
Email: info@moonridgefarm.co.uk

Poultry Shed

A family run poultry business specialising in traditional and rare breed poultry.

Breeds: Orpingtons, LEgbars, Cochins, Barnvelders, Brahmas, Marans, Bantams, Rhode Island Reds, etc.

7 Thorne Park
West Down

Phone Number: 01271854960

The Chicken Shed Devon

Located in South Devon, they are family run small holding selling day olds and hatching eggs.

Breeds: Buff/Golden Laced Orpingtons, Lemon Pekins, Red-Brown Welsummers, Partridge Cochin Bantams, Golden/ Buff Brahmas, White Silkies, Cuckoo Marans, Chamois Polish Poland, Light Sussex, etc.

2 Alta Vista Road

Phone Number: 07824556268

Youldon Waters

They supply day old chicks and PoL pullets of various rare breeds, all free ranged.

Breeds: Black/Blue/White Jersey Giants, Scots Grey, Brown/Wheaten/White Marsh Daisy, Scots Dumpy (Black and Cuckoo), Ixworth, etc.

Youldonmoor Cross, Chilsworthy,
Holsworthy, Devon EX22 7JL

Phone Number: 07717313294
Email: mickansue@hotmail.co.uk

Hillyfield Hens

They sell traditional and hybrid chickens and can supply PoL and hatching eggs by post.

Breeds: Blue/Black/Splash Orpingtons and Light Sussex

Phone Number: 01803 868455 / 07976589927
Email: dougkingsmith@yahoo.co.uk or thehillyfield@gmail.com

Higher Horsebrook Poultry

A family run poultry business that sells hatching eggs and birds at all ages and hatching eggs. Visits are by appointment only.

Breeds: Black/Gold Silkies, Australorps, Welsummer, Millifleur and Lavender Pekins, Buff/Light Sussex, Barred/Chocolate Partridge Wyandottes, Rhode Island Reds, etc.

Phone Number: 01364 73823
Email: tsoper2@icloud.com

Ashdale Farm

They supply PoL hybrids at £15 each, located between the Devon/ Dorset and Somerset border.

Breeds: Sultans, Silkies, Pekins, Polands and Araucanas, hybrid hens

Ashdale Farm
Combehead Droveway
Dalwood Axminster
Devon EX13 7HS

Phone Number: 07963 132709
EmailL mail@ashdalealpacas.com

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