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Chickens For Sale In Norfolk

Windy Poultry Norfolk & Suffolk

Supplier of various colours of hybrid laying hens from day old chicks to point of lay. They also have pure breeds such as Orpingtons and Wyandottes, both bantam and large fowl. Tel: 07979484105

Allied Poultry

They sell poultry from hatching eggs to point of lay. They have Cream Legbars, Hubbard, Ross Cobb, Pekin/Polish Bantams, Rhode Island Reds, Light Sussex. Tel: 07584352675

Norfolk Chickens & More

A family smallholding that specialises in Marans, Dorkings, Araucanas and Pekin Bantams. Tel: 07764272127

Honeybourne Smallholding

Also a family run smallholding that supplies the following POL hybrids: Beechwood Blue, Pied/Calder/Sussex Ranger, Amber Link, Speckledy, Rhode Rock. Tel: 01953 451 963

S & K Poultry

They sell pure-bred hatching eggs, bantams, and point of lay pullets. Breeds available: Light/Red/Buff Sussex,Rhode Island Red, Gold/Silver Partridge Pekins, and Welsummers. Tel: 01508 530507

Twelve Acre Farm

They sell day olds, growers, and adult chickens. Breeds available: Pekins, Jersey Giants, Cochins, Polish, Bearded Silkies, Legbars, Sussex, Old English game, Sebrights. Tel: 07773571090

Sunrise Poultry

Supplier of hatching eggs, day olds, and POL pullets. For available breeds and inquiries, look for Michelle. Tel: 07789884990

Power Poultry

They offer a wide variety of breeds including Marsh Daisy, Black/Chocolate Orpington bantams, Black/Cuckoo/White/Lavender Pekins, Mille Fleur, etc. Contact Simon or Karen at Tel: 07753241540.

Anglia Poultry

Family business specialising in pure bred poultry. Breeds available include Marans, Faverolle, Welsummer, Silkies, Cochin, Sussex, Wyandotte, and tons more. Tel: 07704891393

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