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"Recommended Chicken House Cleaning Products"

Poultry Distinfectant

Viratec-P Poultry Distinfectant - £16.95

Bio Link Poultry Shield

Bio Link Poultry Shield - £16.95

Barriers Red Mite X - £16.95

Cleaning your chicken coop must become a regular part of your life, not something you remember to do now and again. Dirty unkept living quarters is where a lot of your problems can begin, so this is why it is probably one of the most important things you can do to prevent infestations and diseases.

Effective cleaning cannot happen while your hens are resident, so temporarily evict them into their outside pen with a tasty treat or two, while you get on with the cleaning.

Bedding must be changed regularly, particularly if it gets damp. Make sure you remove all bedding, even from the corners, and wash and scrub away any that sticks in place. Allow the coop floor to dry if necessary before putting in new bedding.

Roosting areas should be cleaned and disinfected regularly, especially under the perches themselves, where parasites and insects can lurk.

Water dispensers and feeding dishes should be scrubbed clean, rinsed thoroughly and dried before returning to use.

We recommend you use at least one of the three chicken house cleaning products above when you clean out your coop.