Chicken Nesting Boxes: What You Should Know

Hens will always seek out dark, quiet and secluded places to lay their eggs. By providing suitable nesting boxes within the coop, you can provide your hens with their ideal laying environment, and a space where you know their eggs will be clean and protected – and easy to find!

Our traditionally designed wooden hen houses have the nesting boxes protruding from the side and easily accessible via a locking nesting box lid. This allows you to easily open it up and collect your eggs with minimal disturbance to the hen house as a whole.

You’ll find they don’t need much space to lay their eggs, quite often we find two hens squashed together inside one tiny compartment of the nesting box even though the other 2 areas are completely free! Up to three hens will share one nesting box happily, but if you have three hens, two boxes will give them more options.

Nest boxes should be lined with soft dry bedding material and raised from the ground. If the nesting boxes are positioned higher than the perches, what tends to happen is your hens will sleep in their nesting box because it’s the highest place.

This isn’t a problem as such but what you will find is they will foul their laying area (hens produce a large amount of their droppings at night) and then quite happily lay right on top of it! So if you want clean eggs, look for a coop which has the perches high up.

We have designed all our wooden coops so that the perches are either in line or higher than the bottom of the nesting box so there is less chance of this happening.