Will Chickens Poop In Their Nests?

Chickens will do their business anywhere and everywhere! In fact I’m still surprised at just how much ‘waste’ they produce! For me I see this as an added bonus – chicken manure is great for the veggie patch!

Laying next to or on top of a steaming pile of droppings doesn’t seem to faze most hens. This can be a bit of a problem though as you are left with an egg that is dirty (but still perfectly edible).

Hens will normally roost in the highest point inside their coop. In our current setup their nest box is almost on a par with the perches and they have chosen the nest boxes to roost in so unfortunately there is poop there every morning when I first visit them!

The nest box is easy to access however, and it only takes me a few minutes to clean out the area which I do either prior to the first egg arriving (hopefully) or as soon as possible straight after!

We use a brand of hemp bedding which is very absorbent and very easy to work with, which is a massive help.

Some people block off the nest box area in the evenings to get their hens out of the habit of sleeping there.  If you do this you will need to remove whatever it is you use to block their nest box off early on in the morning. Otherwise, they will be forced to lay somewhere else.

If your  perches are higher than the nest box they will normally roost there and most of the poop is going to fall onto the floor of the coop which, if you have a pull-out tray, is easily cleaned.

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