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50m Poultry Netting Kit

Chicken House Run Review
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This 50 meter electric poultry net kit is idea for those keeping a small amount of birds in a domestic set up.

There is no better method of keeping foxes out of your chicken pen and keeping the birds contained in a secure area.

The netting also doesn't need to be erected in a loop and is just as effective erected in a straight line if required.

Manufactured from polyurethane the netting has metal filaments running through the horizontal strands (apart from the bottom baseline) which is electrifiable.

The kit even comes with Hotlines's hassle free Hot-Gate Entry System (worth £35) which allows you access without the need to disconnect the energizer or untie fiddly cords.

This feature is vital if your hens are ringfenced and you need to enter to top up feed and water because the Hot Gate system not only is easy to you but can also be operated with just 1 hand.

The dual powered Gemini HLC 120 energizer can run on either your mains or a 12V battery. This is the part of the kit that charges the net and produces an electric pulse every second or so.

You also recieve a KV10 LED Fence Tester (worth £25) which allows you to quickly determine if your fence is live without touching yourself it to find out!

4 Double Spike Corner Posts help with the tensioning of the netting especially where it changes direction and the 1m Earth Spike which completes the circuit.

You also get ground pegs, corner guys & pegs and a warning sign too.


Included With The Kit:

* 50m green poultry netting with 14 intergal posts

* 4 x double spike corner posts

* 1 x Dual Powered Gemini HLC 120 energizer

* 1 x LED Fence Tester

* 1 x Earth spike

* 13 x Ground skewers, pegs, 4 x corner guys and a warning sign


Important Points:

All kits are powered by either a 12v battery or from 220v mains.

If you intend to run your fencing from a battery then you will need to purchase a 12v battery (preferably a leisure battery of minimum 75ah) and a have a means to recharge it.

If you intend to run the system from the mains you will need to house the energiser indoors or in a weather proof environment. A HT lead out cable will also be needed and will be added to your kit during checkout.

You can choose which option you want (battery or mains) to order during the checkout process - after you have clicked the add to cart buttom above.




Netting Size

The height of the netting is 110cm by 50m.

* All measurements are approximate and are provided for informational purposes only.


Your kit will be dispatched directly from the manufacturer. Most orders are received a few days after they have been dispatched.



Foxes are by far the biggest threat that your pets will face so if you are going to keep your chickens then we also urge you to take these added precautions especially if you know you have foxes in your area.

Keeping Chickens Book

If you are new to keeping chickens then don't leave without claiming a copy of "The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Keeping Chickens."


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