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"Recommended Poultry Vitamins"

Net Tex Poultry Nutri Drops

Net Tex Poultry Nutri Drops - £14.95

Net Tex Liquid Tonic

Net Tex Liquid Tonic- £7.95

Total Moulting Solutions

Net Tex Total Moulting Solutions- £15.95

Poultry Vitamins and Tonics

From time to time your flock could benefit from a 'pick me upper'. There will be times when either your chickens are unwell or needing that extra boost of vitamins.

So it is not a bad idea to consider having some sort of tonic or vitamin suplement handy which you can either add to your chickens feed or water supply.

Many people like to give their hens a boost of vitamins during times when they are a bit worse for wear e.g when they catch a cold or during their annual moult. Others prefer to do it on a regualr basis to ensure that your chickens are always in top condition

We recommend and use Net Tex's range of poultry vitamins and tonics.