Chicken Coops Wiltshire

July 1, 2009

Chicken Coops Wiltshire

If you are considering getting your own chickens here is some advice regarding their feed.

Chickens like to have both feed and forage for total health, and have an amazing ability, like nay animals to eat the things that they need in proper measure. So providing a good variety of food is the best way. As well as the Corn, Maize, Rye and Millet of standard “scratch feed”, chickens also like to have sunflower seeds for essential oil and calcium. They love to forage also for bugs, worms, and plants. A ‘laying mash’ is also recommended to provide nutrients (another pet or feed store item.)A nice chicken treat is just going out into the back yard and digging a hole. Not only will they eat the worms and bugs you unearth, they like the dirt as well to keep cool and kick around. It is, of course, also fun to feed them table scraps and old produce and such. Chickens have individual tastes and preferences that change over time, just like people.In addition they may also like: potatoes,tomatoes,cheese,rice and noodles. You would not normally allow the following: sweets,cake,too much meat(can cause aggression)eggs(can incite nest box egg eating)and rhubarb.Make sure that your yard is free of poisonous plants. Chickens are dietarily curious and experimental and may do them selves harm. Make sure there are no dangerous objects that could lance their feet or faces. Feed them oyster shells (available at the pet or feed store) to insure enough calcium. They eat it up!

If you live in or around the following towns: Salisbury,Swindon,Trowbridge,Marlborough,Devizes,Clarendon,Malmesbury and are looking for your chicken coop,take a look at ChickenCoopsDirect who provide a range of coops and hen houses.









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