Sussex Coop & Double Run

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  • Tried and tested designs
  • Durable heavy duty materials
  • Thick 1.5mm fox-proof wire
  • Robust high quality fixtures & fittings
  • Supplied direct to you from Dorset UK
  • Backed up by our famous customer service

Sussex Coop & Double Run

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As one of our bestselling quality chicken coops, the Sussex Chicken House with Double Run exceeds expectations as it delivers on quality and security. This is the ideal home for chickens that need to be kept enclosed as they have ample space to forage and play without needing to ramble around the garden.

As one of our bestselling quality chicken coops, the Sussex Chicken House with Double Run exceeds expectations as it delivers on quality and security.

This is the ideal home for chickens that need to be kept enclosed as they have ample space to forage and play without needing to ramble around the garden.

Sussex chicken coop with double run

We've designed the Sussex run so that it can be attached to either side of the Sussex. So, you can set up your chicken coop with both runs on the same side, or put one run on each side for a symmetrical look.

Sussex coop with runs either side

Your chickens will enjoy the freedom of the large run that is attached to the coop, allowing for free range roaming whilst keeping them safe and secure.

We have carefully sourced wire of a higher grade to decrease the chances of would be intruders gaining access, letting you relax safe in the knowledge that your hens are enjoying the best protection available.

Sussex with double run - run end view

The double run can also be further extended, allowing you to increase your brood or simply offer even more secure free range foraging to your chickens.

Made from high quality wood with sturdy joints each piece of wood is planed to perfection in order to eliminate splintering and cracks. The wood is also treated on site with a preservative that gives a warm natural glow, whilst the long slanting roof ensures chickens stay warm and dry no matter what the weather.

Sussex with pull out tray open

With multiple large access points on the long run, you can comfortably change the water, check your chickens, or feed with the minimum of disturbance to your pets.

Each of the doors to the extended run have been fitted with stainless steel locks, adding extra security to your chickens' home.

Sussex coop and large chicken run combo

We believe convenience is the key to cleaning a chicken coop and that is why the Sussex Chicken House has a handy pull out tray that allows quick removal of soiled bedding, a nesting box that can be unbolted to give you complete access to the housing areas as well as a front door which gives you another access point.

All these handy features have been especially designed to help you easily maintain your coop and chickens.

Sussex coop with box off

Every one of our houses is delivered in flat pack form with clear and simple instructions; our customer feedback proves these are easy to follow allowing for a quick assembly.

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Measurements & Maintenance

All our coops use 12mm tongue & groove wood supported by strong 35mm x 25mm framework. 
Our wire mesh is 1.5mm thick.

Sussex Chicken Coop Measurements
Sussex with double run measurements

Sussex Coop Dimensions

Total footprint (including nesting box and roof overhang): L 223cm x W 81cm x H 120cm
Total footprint (inches): L 87.79" x W 31.88" x H 47.24"

Internal run measurements = L 172cm x W 67cm
Internal run measurements = L 67.71" x W 26.37" (inches)

Total run area = 12.40 square feet.

Add-on Double Sussex Run Dimensions

Double Sussex Run external measurements = L 103cm x W 204cm
Double Sussex Run (in inches) = L 40.5" x W 80.31"

Double Sussex Run internal area = L 100cm x W 204cm
Double Sussex Run (in inches) = L 39.37" x W 80.30"

Double Sussex Run area = 21.95 square feet

Internal Measurements Of Chicken House

Internal Dimensions

Nesting box internal measurements = L 33cm x W 62cm
Nesting box internal measurements = L 13" x W 24.41" (inches)
Nesting box area : 2.20 square feet.

Housing area internal measurements = L 70cm x W 67cm
Housing area internal measurements = L 27.55" x W 26.3" (inches)
Housing area: 5.04 square feet.

Total amount of space (Sussex Coop and Double Run) = 41.59 square feet

Chicken wire

Approx mesh size: 19mm x 19mm (approx 0.5" square) & diameter of wire is 1.5 mm


The Sussex Chicken House With Double Run is supplied flat packed for easy home assembly. This set comes flat packed in four boxes :

Box 1: 104 x 77 x 20cm @ 22.5 kgs.
Box 2: 102 x 101 x 16.5 cm @ 24.5 kgs.
Box 3: 114 x 106 x 11.5 cm @ 14 kgs.
Box 4: 114 x 106 x 11.5 cm @ 14 kgs.
Instructions included. All you will need is a small screwdriver and an adjustable spanner.

* All measurements are approximate and are provided for informational purposes only.


Our wooden coops are treated with a base coat of wood preservative.The wood we use in this product is a highly durable and scented softwood which is noted for its resistance to decay and rot.

As with all outdoor wooden structures we strongly recommend that you treat your coop with a high quality varnish or wood preservative before exposing it to the elements and that you re-treat it at least once a year (preferably before the winter season) to maintain the applied preservative and water repellent properties. There are many popular products available with Cuprinol, Ronseal and Wilkinson amongst the better known brands.

We also recommend that you try and position your chicken coop in a protected area which is not overly exposed to high winds and the elements.

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If you live outside these regions you are welcome to arrange collection from us using a company like Parcel Force or Parcel Monkey.

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Delivery Questions

Damaged, Faulty or Missing Items

*This is an estimate based on the majority of orders sent, however we cannot absolutely guarantee it.

1. How many hens can the Sussex with Double Run hold?

It will depend on the breed of chicken and the size of the breed, and also how you intend to keep them.

The raised roosting and nesting area of the Sussex coop will hold 4 to 5 medium sized birds quite comfortably. What is probably more important to consider is the amount of space they will have during the day.

If you intend to give them time to roam around your garden then the run space is less of a determining factor and 4 maybe 5 hens would be fine.

However if they are to spend their entire day inside the Sussex with Double Run then up to 4 medium sized hens would be fine.

The benefit of all our coops is that the run can be extended at a later date should the need arise and in theory you can add as many run extensions as you need.

On a side note, we'd recommend that whatever your circumstance and set up if you can give your hens a few hours outside their coop and run in the late afternoon and early evening.

2. Can I set up the Sussex the other way around?

While some customers in the past have set up their coop the other way around, it's not straight forward and would involve a fair bit of D.I.Y to do so.

The Sussex has been designed to be constructed the way it is shown in the photos on our website.

3. Can I fit an Automatic Door Opener to this coop?

No unfortunately not. All the door openers on the market work with doors that open in an up/down direction (pop-hole doors). As the Sussex has a sliding door a door opener would not work.

However, the Devon Hen House has been specifically designed so that it can be fitted with an automatic door opener. We use and recommend this door opener.

4. Can I move the Sussex Chicken Coop easily?

Yes it can be moved but at almost 50kgs and over 2 meters long you are going to need an extra pair of hands to help you move it.

If you have a Sussex with Run or Double Run and want to move your coop then the best approach is to first dis-connect the runs from the coop and then move each section separately.

5. Can I add more runs at a later stage?

Yes, you can add extra Sussex Runs at any stage and you can join as many runs together to form as long a space as you need. For more information on the Sussex Run by itself click here: Sussex Run.

6. Is the wood treated?

Yes, the Sussex Chicken Coop comes with a base coat treatment of wood preservative

But as with all outdoor wooden structures in our harsh climate, we recommend that the timber be treated on a regular basis to ensure a long life. If the coop is treated to begin with and thereafter on a yearly basis, and is well looked after and cleaned regularly there is no reason why a lifespan of 5 to 7 years could not be expected.

There are many popular products available with CuprinolRonseal and Wilkinson amongst the better known brands.

A lot of customers use and recommend these: Brand Option 1 or Brand Option 2

7. Can I use the Sussex with Double Run for rabbits?

While the product has been specifically designed to house chickens a few customers have pruchased the Sussex Chicken Coop for their rabbits and the feedback has been positive.

We also make and sell wide range of well made rabbit hutches and runs: Visit our website:

8. Is the Sussex with Double Run fox-proof?

We would like to think that our coops are made to a higher standard than most other suppliers in this price range. While we have purposely used thicker, sturdier wood, wire and locks with the aim to make it as safe and secure as possible for your chickens we cannot absolutely guarantee that foxes and other predators won’t try and target them.

Foxes are by far the biggest threat that your pets will face so if you are going to keep your chickens then we also urge you to take these added precautions especially if you know you have foxes in your area.