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Practical advice and how-to information ...

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A concise, easy to read, beginners guide - that you can download and read instantly - and discover the must-know advice and 'how to' information on keeping chickens.

In it you’ll discover...

  • Get a feel for the day to day keeping of chickens, what to feed them as well as the consumables you will need.
  • Learn about the costs of keeping chickens, how many you should keep and the amount of eggs you can expect.
  • We discuss in detail housing your hens, and what 4 important things to look for in any coop.
  • We'll tell you about the 5 most common pest and diseases you may encounter - what symptoms to look for and how to avoid them in the 1st place
  • Where to find chickens for sale - we'll give you a list of 700+ breeders - and talk you through our experience of collecting our hens and bringing them home
  • We'll even give you a video showing you how to pick up and hold your hens as well as how to clip their wings properly - both of which as a chicken owner you will need to know how to do properly!
  • Plus a whole lot more...

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