Have you got any cheap chicken coops round the 90 pound mark?

“When are you going to be lowering the prices as I told my parent I’d pay for a good house as some of the chickens are going to be mine. Have you got any round the 90 pound mark ???”

We don’t have any coops for £90. Just to give you an idea, the courier charge  that we pay to simply deliver one of our coops to a customer is in the region of £20 to £25 pounds, that will be the same for every chicken coop supplier out there.

Then you have your payment processing fees of about £5 on a £90 product. That leaves you with £60.

Presumably you would need to make some sort of profit, so at the end of the day if you manage to find a coop for £90 the people selling it to you would have to make it as cheaply as humanly possible, which means that every corner that can be cut will be and more than likely after a year or two you will be looking for another one.

We are not the cheapest coop online, nor are we the most expensive,  but i would like to think we are the best value for money. We have sold thousands of coops and we constantly get really great feedback from our customers:



In my honest opinion a buying  a dirt cheap chicken coop is a “false economy”. You will end up getting another one and regret (or forget) that you even went down that route.

But ultimately it’s your choice. Good luck with it all!

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