How to extend a Sussex Run

Please note we now have the Sussex with Run and the Sussex Double Run available.


I purchased the Sussex chicken coop from you last year. We’re now looking to add another run to the coop and wondered if you had a product or could recommend a product that could be linked?

This is quite a common request and we had a very nice customer who was quite handy and did just this. He even sent instructions and photo’s! Take a look and see if this helps.

3 screw eyes, 2 tent pegs, 1 hasp, a small metal plate 1 Kent Run

How to do it.

Overall view of Sussex coop (painted green) and Kent run (brown). The long cane is merely to prevent the hens from accidentally closing the Sussex coop mesh door.

The crucial bit, as clearance is limited here. The upright of the Kent run must be positioned to allow Sussex coop mesh door to open and to allow Kent run door to open without touching sloping roof of Sussex coop. Kent run will flex a bit so not that hard to position. Once in place, movement of run is prevented by passing a tent peg through 3 screw eyes as shown. The brass plate on the Sussex coop is merely to prevent the run moving that way and the Kent run door hitting the coop sloping roof.

A suitably sized hasp with a tent peg passing into ground. ( A hasp is what you would normally put a padlock through-easy to get and cheap e.g.B and Q.

The other side of the run – no attachment needed here (although if go on holiday, you might want to screw a small right angled bracket for piece of mind.) Obviously you can’t open the solid wooden door on the outside of the Sussex coop while the run is in place but the run detaches easily for a weekly thorough clean and you can do a quick inspection through the egg box. Most importantly you have complete and easy access to the sliding door mechanism through the side of the run. I do this while suited and tied on my way to work and don’t get dirty at all.

Nothing to do with attaching run to coop, just a security modification to the coop opening lid. You could just as easily use a heavy object on the lid to outwit a particularly clever fox although not so picturesque.

Extra note. You might notice the mesh attached to bottom of run. We added this as fox anti-digging measure and it can be quickly pinned down in multiple places after moving run. Probably not necessary; you could instead put tent pegs with their tops on the wooden base of the run to hold it down.
After assembling my Kent run (easy), it took me 20 minutes to figure out best method of attaching run (so I’ve done the swearing and sweating for you!) although once your fixings are in place it will take a matter of a couple of minutes to detach your run, move the coop and re-attach it.
Hope this helps!

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