“How often do you suggest treating the wood of my coop, and what treatment would you recommend?

“I am about to order one of your Devon Hen Houses. My question is:- After purchase, how often do you suggest treating the wood, and what treatment would you recommend?”

When you order a chicken coops for us you will see that it has been  treated with an animal friendly base coat of wood preservative. This is only a base coat and will last up to three months after purchase. We strongly recommend that you treat your coop with a high quality varnish or wood preservative as soon as possible and that you re-treat your hen house at least once a year (preferably before the winter season) to maintain the applied preservative and water repellent properties.

A popular sealant to consider is Burgess Marine Hydrosol Clearsealer. This is a very high quality sealer which is ideal for use on pressure treated timber and is used throughout the marine industry. It dries clear and a little goes a long way and will protect the timber throughout the natural movements that occur with wood, and help to maintain the waterproof qualities of the your hen house over the years.

Some other brands to consider are Cuprinol’s Garden Shades, Ronseal and even Wilkinson have their own brand of wood preservative with added wax.

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