Which chicken coop would be best for keeping foxes out?

“I am thinking about keeping about 2-3 chickens, but the area where I live has a lot of foxes roaming around who at the moment after a long hard winter are very hungry so I am wondering which chicken coop would be best for keeping foxes out.  Could you please advise?”

The Dorset and Sussex both have combined runs, and the nesting area is also raised – so your hens should be pretty safely in them at night.

As long as you lock them up at night i can’t see how a fox could get into the nesting area. The fox many be able to burrow under the coop – but that would give them access only to the run area. I personally haven’t seen a fox out and about during the day, so that would be the only time your hens would be in that area, so the chances, in my opinion, would be slim of that actually happening.

You could also place pavers or bricks around the coop base – so in effect the fox would have to dig deeper and further , which would probably deter him altogether.

Another alternative if you wanted would be to invest in some electric poultry netting which you could put up around the coop.

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