Where can I buy my Chickens?

“I would like to buy some chickens to go with my lovely coop but I am having problems finding a place with chickens for sale. Where can I buy chicks? Do you know where there are plenty of different breeds available. Could you give me any suggestions?”

Have you ever considered adopting a chicken? There are some awesome organisations and charities that will help you get in touch with farmers that are looking to get rid of their hens after they reach a certain age. Its all down to economics, but without the help and support of people who keep chickens most of them will have to be destroyed, and they have many more years of life and laying in them.

While we can’t give you a list of places with chickens for sale we recommend contacting the British Hen Welfare trust and think about possibly housing some ex battery hens. Many customers have doneit and we wholeheartedly back up the cause.  Here is their website: http://www.bhwt.org.uk

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