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I can't open the link you sent.


The majority of the time this has something to do with your browser and or security settings.

Try the following.

1.Clear your computer and browser of all cookies, then open up either Internet Explorer Chrome / Firefox or Safari and copy and paste the link into the top of your browser. Make sure there are no spaces at the end of the url.

2.Try using a different browser – if you are using Internet Explorer use Chrome or FireFox. Try again to either copy and paste the link or type it exactly as is shown in the email.

3. If you still cannot open it then make sure that whatever browser you are using ise up to date. You can Google: ”Download XXXXX” insert the name of your preferred browser where the XXXXX is and you should
be able to find the latest version of your browser.

If none of these options works then I would venture to guess it is your security settings – either your browser settings are set too high or your firewall/virus software could be the where the problem lies.

If you are still struggling let us know via email and we'll do our best to help.




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