Where is your phone number?


We fully understand that some people prefer to do things over the phone. But the easiest way for us to help is via email.

When we had our telephone number at the top of each page we received up to 30 calls a day.

And while we were thrilled that our phone was ringing off the hook and we were always very happy to help and pass on any knowledge we could, to be honest it consumed a lot of our time.

We have found over the past 9 years that the vast majority of the questions that we receive over the phone had already been answered either on the product page, delivery information page and even on our contact us (Quick Answers) page

The thing is there are only 3 of us (in-house) that deal with the day to day. This not only includes answering customer phone calls and emails but also preparing all orders for dispatch. Some days this is well over 100 items and its all hands on deck.

We run a tight ship and we simply cannot justify the cost of employing another in-house member of staff to man the phones full time.

Email works well for us and 99% of all our customers and website visitors, so please send your questions to:

We're online from 9 am until 6 pm Monday to Friday and most emails are answered within a few hours.