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Sussex Chicken House

117 Reviews

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The Sussex chicken house has a unique look and has been specifically designed to give your hens' complete protection not only from pesky predators but also the wet and windy weather we so often experience.

A lot of thought has gone into the latest version of our popular Sussex Chicken House. We've increase the size by 15% and it now has an amazing 19.64 square feet of secure space in one practical and self contained coop.

We have also designed an extendable run that conveniently fits the Sussex. So you always have the option of easily increasing the size of the secure run - without any hassle or D.I.Y skills.

The long slanted felt free roof provides the perfect cover even in driving rain, keeping your hens and their food dry. This is one of the reasons why so many people have chosen the Sussex coop in the past.

The raised sleeping and laying area now has over 7.24 square feet of space which is big enough to hold up to 4 or 5 hens.

The large nesting box can be unbolted - a feature which allows you to conveniently access the internal housing area of the chicken house, making it quick and even easier for you to clean.

We've also increased the depth of the pull out tray so any bedding you place in it doesn't spill out when it is removed. The large door to the run and the smaller one to the raised housing area make all areas easily accessible.

"Easy to clean thanks to the multiple access points"

The large nesting box provides a cosy area for your birds to lay. Its high position and lift up lid allows you to easily collect your eggs, without disturbing your hens.

Two thin slits above the nesting box provide the housing area with the all important draft free ventilation which is needed to keep your hens healthy.

Four mini Perspex windows allow lots of light into the internal area of the coop which will keep your hens happy.

The two large correctly designed and fully removable perches are purposely positioned high to encourage your hens to roost at night and not to sleep in the nesting boxes.

The Sussex coop has a clever door opening mechanism which allows the door to the run to be conveniently opened from the outside.

A handy little ramp allows your hens' easy access in and out of the housing area. It has been raised enough to give your birds more ground in which to scratch around in underneath, as well as keeping things dry.

We've also upgraded the protective mesh. All our coops and runs use strong chicken wire that is on average 50% thicker than the standard stuff found on many of the other online suppliers products.

Our chicken wire is set deep within the framework and not simply stapled on. This extra effort means that overall the Sussex is stronger and your hens should be much better protected.

The Sussex chicken house has been created by expert designers and manufactured by experienced carpenters. The workmanship that has gone into producing this coop for you is evident in the way it has been beautifully finished and the attention to detail.

All the woodwork has been jointed, sanded, glued, bolted and finished to the highest standards. The wood we use in this product is highly durable and scented softwood which is noted for its resistance to decay and rot.

The superb quality and beautiful design of the Sussex means that it will look fantastic in any garden, and is guaranteed to give you and your chickens many years of pleasure.

Feature Of Our Chicken Houses

Some other features include:

  • Over 19.8 square feet of safe and secure space - 15% more space for the same price.
  • Multiple access points make this chicken house quick and easy to clean.
  • The option to conveniently extend the run at any stage with very little hassle. If you want to keep your chickens permanently inside the run you can now simply extend the run
  • Specially designed slip off hinges allows you to remove the run door without tools - perfect if you intend to free range and want to give your hens unhindered access to the covered area of the run.
  • Heavy duty, waterproofed slanted roof keeps everything nice and dry, during even the foulest of weather conditions.
  • Ventilation slots which are situated above the perching height of your chickens - keeps your hens with a constant supply of draft free air.
  • Heavy duty wire mesh that is 50% thicker than your average supplier- this increase in quality and thickness makes the Sussex more safe for your hens.

  • The nesting box can be completely unbolted which makes it much easier and convenient to clean the internal housing area of the chicken house.
  • A pull out tray under the nesting area which makes cleaning the coop a quick and simple process.
  • Supplied flat packed and with clear instructions - for easy and quick construction. (35 - 45 minutes)


Wooden Chicken House


Chicken Coop Review - "It is perfect for my needs and provides a decent sized living space."

Here is my feedback on the Sussex Coop. I purchased two coops one for myself and one for my daughters care home. The one at the care home is not yet set up but I am convinced will bring great joy to the young adults who live there once they get their chickens. I brought mine as a bit of an extravagance. I already have a larger coop but felt that my three bantams were being a little bullied by the 7 regular sized chickens. Therefore I decided to buy another coop and found yours on the web site after doing a google search.

It is perfect for my needs and provides a decent sized living space. As with my other coop one of the prime reasons for buying this particular model is that they can get up in the morning and roam about in the 'run' whether I have actually got out of bed and let them out or not!! They then wait for myself or one of the farm hands to open the run and let them out into the grass area where they can spend a happy day scratching around before going back to bed. I was impressed when it was put together by he amount of doors and the easy access to various parts of the coop and after the 1st night everyone seems happy

By Viv Kinder - Newark, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE

Hen House Reviews - "The coop was well manufactured and i am well pleased with it."

I am very impressed by the first class service I received from all at ChickenCoopsdirect. When I took delvery of the cop I found the directions to put it together very easy to follow and beleive the coop was well manufactured and i am well pleased with it. Already I have had plotholders on my allotment admiring it and I have no hesitation in recomending your company.

By John Concannon.- Kingsthorpe, NORTHAMPTON

Chicken House Review - "We bought the Sussex coop for Mum's birthday present and she loves it!"

We have been very pleased with chicken coops direct and would definitely recommend your company. We bought the Sussex coop for Mum's birthday present and she loves it! We were very impressed with how easy it was to assemble. Also, specifying a delivery day, and delivering to my brother's house, did not pose a problem to you at all. We have just bought 2 hens and they have settled in very quickly - now they have got used to the ramp up to the house, they keep going in and out of it all day and peering out of the window at us! Hopefully it won't be long before they give us some eggs.We were very grateful for your guidance on keeping and selecting hens, as we're relatively new to keeping hens, and it saved a lot of time searching for the information on the internet. It was really good to be able to look at which breeds would be happy to be kept in a pen, and which ones needed to be more free range.Thank you for your excellent service! I'm sure we'll get many years of pleasure out of the coop, and our new hens!

By The Parker Family .- Watlington, OXFORDSHIRE

Chicken Coup Review - "A sturdy coop, well-made which also looks good."

Ordered a Sussex coop late Wednesday afternoon via email and it was delivered first thing Friday morning by City Link - most impressed by that (especially with the delivery driver placing the three packages where I wanted them). After checking all parts were there I decided to give it a coat of preservative before I put it together (which I would recommend doing). Took me just under an hour to put it up with the help of two very excited grandchildren, again, most impress with the outcome, a sturdy coop, well-made which also looks good. It's now the home of three Warrens (Poppy, Mama and Gabriella -- named by the grandkids - not me!!) who have settled in nicely. Would I recommend Chicken Coops Direct - Most Certainly - you do what it says on the tin - from start to finish - also your follow up procedure/support, along with your information sheets which we found to be most useful and outstanding. A SMALL COMPANY WITH A BIG HEART.

By Jan & Mike Pepper. Cheadle Hulme, CHESHIRE

Wooden Hen House Review - "I am over the moon, it looks fantastic!"

Thank you so much for all you patience with me when ordering the Sussex chicken house. I am over the moon, it looks fantastic ! It was delivery very promptly, when you said, and it took me and my husband 35mins to put together from start to finish, with the help of a cordless screwdriver I might add. The instructions were so easy and clear. Well done to you both and once again thanks for all you help. You have taken away my fear of ordering over the internet.

By Lorraine Sykes - Flamborough, East Riding of Yorkshire

Poultry Coops - "The coop is perfect, instructions for putting together were clear and we did it easily."

Thank you so much for all your help with our Sussex Chicken Coop! A few hiccups with the delivery company were swiftly sorted by yourselves and you kept me fully informed at all times. The coop is perfect, instructions for putting together were clear and we did it easily within 50 mins. I bought this coop as it had an upstairs which hopefully will make life difficult for the foxes :) My four chickens are very happy in their new home!"

By Linda Norris .- Shepton Mallet, SOMERSET

Best Chicken Coop - "The older one which we have had for a year still looks as good as the newer one."

Dear Maria, I am delighted with my Sussex chicken coop. This is the second one I have ordered from you. I ordered it on Sunday night and it arrived on Tuesday on the Isle of Wight! Brilliant. I noticed that you have fixed the one design defect I noticed from the first one I bought and that is making the ladder removable so it's easier to move to coop around. The coops look lovely in our orchard. The older one which we have had for a year still looks as good as the newer one and there is no sign of any deterioration to the wood or roof.

We bought the second coop because one of our hens is broody and is sitting on 6 eggs so we moved the other 2 hens to the new coop which was very easy because both coops are identical and they didn't notice! Thank you so much and thank you for all the additional information you sent about keeping chickens which is really useful.

By Eleanor Bowen. - Isle of Wight

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Wooden Hen House Reviews

  • All our coops use 12mm T&G supported by strong 35mm x 25mm framework.
  • Our wire mesh is 1.5mm thick


  • Total footprint (including nesting box and roof overhang): L 223cm x W 81cm x H 120cm
  • Total footprint (inches): L 87.79" x W 31.88" x H 47.24"
  • Internal run measurements = L 172cm x W 67cm
  • Internal run measurements = L 67.71" x W 26.37" (inches)
  • Total run area = 12.40 square feet.

  • Nesting box internal measurements = L 33cm x W 62cm
  • Nesting box internal measurements = L 13" x W 24.41" (inches)
  • Nesting box area : 2.20 square feet.
  • Housing area internal measurements = L 70cm x W 67cm
  • Housing area internal measurements = L 27.55" x W 26.3" (inches)
  • Housing area: 5.04 square feet.
  • Mesh size: 19mm x 19mm (approx 0.5" square) & diameter of wire is 1.5 mm


Our wooden coops are treated with a base coat of wood preservative. This is a primer coat and as with all outdoor wooden structures, particularly in our harsh weather conditions, we strongly recommend that you treat your coop with a high quality wood preservative prior to placing outdoors and that you re-treat your hen house at least once a year (preferably before the winter season) to maintain the applied preservative and water repellent properties.


The Sussex Chicken Houses is supplied flat packed for easy home assembly. The build time for this unit is approximately 35 - 45 minutes.

This set comes flat packed in two boxes :

  • Box 1: 104 x 77 x 20cm @ 23.5 kgs.
  • Box 2: 104 x 101 x 17 cm @ 24 kgs.

Instructions included. All you will need is a small screwdriver and an adjusting spanner.

Our products can be delivered anywhere in mainland England, Wales and the Scottish lowlands. Deliveries are typically made on work days (Monday to Friday) between 8.00am - 6.30pm.

There are 2 delivery options available at checkout. If you require your order urgently then choose the Express delivery option at checkout.

Standard: Items are usually dispatched 3 to 5 working days after an order is placed.
Express: Items are usually dispatched the next working day.

Most orders are recieved 1 to 2 working days after dispatch.

For full details about delivery visit our dedicated Delivery Information page.

If you are new to keeping chickens then don't leave without claiming a copy of "The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Keeping Chickens."

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