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We’ve sold more than 20'500 chicken coops online in the UK in the last 9 years.

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Some Essential Chicken Keeping Information

  • A healthy hen will usually lay 1 egg per day, but this can vary depending on seasonality, feed and other factors. For best results, aim to keep 1 or 2 more chickens than the number of daily eggs you want (so for 4 eggs per day, keep 5 hens).
  • Chickens need a secure place to sleep at night, and somewhere to lay their eggs. This is why all of our coops come with an attached, carefully designed nesting box featuring robust clasps, locks & hinges.
  • To produce great eggs your chickens need to be kept happy and healthy. Ideally they need as much freedom to move as possible so it’s best if you let them out during the day, either free roaming, in a run or in a pen.
  • Chickens are vulnerable to attack from foxes and other predators, so we've designed our coops to be as fox-proof as possible. Also, we’ve designed optional bolt-on runs for each of our coops so that you can give your chickens a safe place to move around (see below for single run and double run setups).
    • 3 hens = 1-3 eggs per day
    • 4 hens = 2-4 eggs per day
    • 5 hens = 3-5 eggs per day
    • 6 hens = 4-6 eggs per day
    • 7 hens = 5-7 eggs per day
  • This is where your hens
    will keep cosy and
    lay their eggs
  • Freedom to roam is important to keep your hens healthy
  • Keep your chickens safe from foxes and other predators

For everything you need to know about
keeping chickens, download our
extremely valuable FREE guide:


Our Chicken Coops with Runs

Give your chickens some additional secure space to safely move around
  • Devon Hen House & Run
    Style #1 Devon Coop & Run
    98% of 100
    The Devon works really well with this run which has been specifically designed to fit the coop. The add-on run gives your hens 11 square feet of secure outdoor space. You can also easily extend the run by adding a 2nd or 3rd one onto it at a later stage.
    Today's direct from Dorset price
    Regular Price £399.00 Special Price £319.00
  • Dorset Coop & Run
    Style #2 Dorset Coop & Run
    100% of 100
    The well-thought-out Dorset With Run offers you plenty of flexibility with almost 30 square feet of space and a large run that can be easily extended at a later date should the need arise.
    Today's direct from Dorset price
    Regular Price £359.95 Special Price £289.00
  • Kent Chicken Coop & Run
    Style #3 Kent Coop & Run
    99% of 100

    The Kent is our most affordable chicken coop yet is made from the same pre-treated durable wood that we use in our other popular chicken houses. With over 6 square feet of internal space, this coop provides enough room for up to 4 medium-sized hens.

    Today's direct from Dorset price
    Regular Price £299.95 Special Price £249.00
  • Sussex Coop & Run
    Style #4 Sussex Coop & Run
    99% of 100
    Combining the Sussex Coop with the Sussex Run will give your hens over 30 square feet of space. This setup is perfect for areas where space is at a premium but you still want to give your hens a secure area to move around.
    Today's direct from Dorset price
    Regular Price £409.95 Special Price £339.00

The ChickenCoopsDirect Difference

  • We specialise in quality chicken coops and runs
  • Strong & durable heavy duty pre-treated timber
  • Thicker 1.5mm fox-proof wire (50% thicker than our competitors)
  • Robust higher quality fixtures & fittings to keep your hens secure
  • Supplied direct to you from Dorset UK, cutting out the middleman
  • A family run U.K business - who keep chickens too!
  • Backed up by our famous support and customer service

You've probably seen cheap similar looking chicken coops for sale on eBay and Amazon. Don't be fooled by these inferior quality products. We go to a lot of time, effort and expense to make sure that the design, materials, construction and finish of our coops are head and shoulders above the rest.

It's this attention to detail that sets us apart and means that you can trust us to deliver a high quality product to you that is made to last.

  • Stronger timber
  • Thicker wire
  • Quality clasps & fixtures
  • Delivered U.K wide from here

Our Chicken Coops with Large Runs

Maximum space to keep your chickens super happy and secure!

What Our Customers Say About Us

We’ve sold over 20,500 chicken coops in 9 years online. That’s a lot of happy customers! Here are just a few highlights:
  • I would not hesitate to recommend your product.

    “I was extremely impressed with ChickenCoopsDirect - not only in the tracking of the order but also in the prompt delivery, the way it was packaged and the quality of the product. The assembly was well documented and very easy to assemble. Also I am very, very impressed with the follow-up information and opportunity to ask questions. Lots of other companies could do well to follow your example. I would not hesitate to recommend your product.”



    Bought a Kent Coop & Run

  • Would definitely order from Chicken Coops Direct again.

    “The service from yourselves has been excellent. Loads of useful information given on chickens too. The Devon Coop and Runs are lovely, as described and I think a really good price. So easy to put together I could have done it myself which is really saying something. The runs are great as can be left unattached and have lots of doors for access. Also light to move. Would definitely order from ChickenCoopsDirect again.”



    Bought a Devon coop & Run

  • The service received ... has been really, really good.

    “The Sussex Coop is excellent quality and easy to build. We were told our hens would take a few days to settle before they would start laying - I collected my hens yesterday afternoon and this morning got an egg! So the hens are obviously happy in their new home. The service received from Chicken Coops Direct both before and after delivery has been really, really good and very helpful - much more than I was expecting.”



    Bought a Sussex Coop

  • Totally amazed by the quality of the Dorset Coop and Run.

    “I have to say that I have been totally amazed by the quality of the Dorset Coop and Run for it's price... and the amazing level of service your company gives... I have loved all the information that was sent out in bite sized chunks... I am a complete first timer and want to do everything to keep the hens healthy and happy... Thank you so much for being a responsible company :-) I have been telling everyone how amazing ChickenCoopsDirect are...”



    Bought a Dorset Coop

  • Thanks for a well made and easy to assemble product... The Sussex Coop exceeded my expectations.

    “Just wanted to say thanks for supplying such a well made and easy to assemble product. The Sussex coop exceeded my expectations, and I think the company has obviously gone to a lot of trouble to ensure that they supply a quality, user friendly product.”


    Alison, Yorkshire

    Bought a Kent Coop & Run

  • The quality of the coop is outstanding.

    “I am really pleased with the Sussex Coop and run extension we recently received from you. We were amazed that we were able to assemble it ouselves!! The directions were so easy to follow and the quality of the coop is outstanding. We already had the hens who had been living for 6 weeks in an ark. They are delighted to have more space. Thank you for all the other helpful tips you have sent online.”


    Sue Jardine

    Bought a Sussex Coop & Run

  • I am absolutely thrilled with our hen house!

    “More than that I am astounded with the quality of it, the instructions were easy to follow and it put Ikea to shame!!!! Your company stand out way above any I have used before. The communication was outstanding and I shall be singing your praises to everyone!!!! Good old fashioned customer service still exists!! I loved the way everything was wrpped in tissue and smelt so lovely too! Many, many thanks. We will def use you again!!!!! Best Wishes.”


    Tania Horncastle

    Bought a Devon Coop

  • Very impressed with the level of service.

    “We were very impressed with the level of customer service your company provides. The emails at every stage of the process were fantastic and we loved the extras such as the fact sheets you kindly emailed as this really added the wow factor. It demonstrated to us that you guys really care about what you do. We would definitely recommend your company to anyone considering purchasing a coop. We are completely new to keeping chickens so overall a great experience.”


    Nicole & Matt

    Bought a Dorset Coop


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