Devon Hen House

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Essential Info

  • Tried and tested designs
  • Durable heavy duty materials
  • Thick 1.5mm fox-proof wire
  • High quality fixtures & fittings
  • Supplied direct from Dorset
  • Backed up by our famous customer service

Devon Hen House

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A versatile, traditional chicken house with huge amounts of nesting & bedding space, suitable for up to 7 hens.... and our top-selling coop!

The Devon Hen House (as featured on Alan Titchmarsh's gardening show) is a fantastic looking chicken coop able to comfortably house 6 to 7 medium-sized chickens.

Devon Hen House

What will really impress you from the moment you open the box is how well it is constructed, with plenty of attention to detail. This hen house is also easy to clean.

Devon Chicken Coop

It comes with a large fully removable pull-out tray which is deeper than most other models online, (so it is able to hold more bulky bedding material).

fully removable side panel

And our latest design upgrade includes a large side panel that can be quickly unlocked, folded down and fully removed to allow you to easily access the internal areas of the hen house - making cleaning much easier!

Attractive Hen House

The front and back panels of the Devon are easily interchangeable. This means you can choose whether you want the sliding door entrance to face the front or the vertically opening pop-hole door.

Chicken Coop With Door Opener

You can also fit an automatic door opener to the vertically opening pop hole should you ever want to totally automate the process of letting your hens in and out of their coop in the mornings or evenings.

Hen House With Removeable Nesting Box

The large nesting box can be assembled on either the left or right-hand side of the hen house, again to suit your needs. It can also be easily unbolted from the side of the house should you need to gain access for cleaning.

Devon Coop Nesting Box

Inside the large nesting box you will find 3 cosy areas which will allow all of your hens the perfect place to lay, ensuring that you are rewarded with a constant and fresh supply every morning.

Chicken Coop Perches Correct Shape

There are 3 separate and removable perches, positioned high up inside the hen house and giving plenty of roosting room for all your chickens.

Hen house is raised off the ground

Another great feature that this model has to offer is that it is raised off the ground which helps keep mud and dampness out of the hen house. Four rubber soles will also keep the wood from rotting.

Chicken Coop With A Large Removeable Nesting Box

The lastest version of the Devon Hen House comes with a lockable solid sliding door. Other improvements include not 1 but 2 heavy duty nesting box latches for double the security against predators.

new re-designed roof

Another design tweak includes a reinforced edging with each slat individually screwed down for extra durability.

Devon with a lockable door

The Devon Hen House is one of our best selling hen houses and also one of the most affordable models. Its superb build quality and many handy features make it one of the best hen houses on the market in this price range.

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Measurements & Maintenance

All our coops use 12mm tongue & groove wood supported by strong 35mm x 25mm framework.

Devon Hen House Dimensions

Total external dimensions : L 100cm x W 126.5cm (including nesting box) x H 108cm
Total external dimension (in inches) L 39.3" x W 50" x H 42.5"

Internal housing: L 82.5cm x W 80.5cm
Internal housing (in inches): L 32.4" x W 31.4"
Total internal area : 7.14 square feet

Internal nesting box: L 74.5cm x W 30.5cm
Internal nesting box (in inches) :L 29.3" x 12"
Total internal area : 2.44 square feet

Measurements Of The Devon Hen House

Side Measurements Of The Devon Hen House

Large Hen House


Box 1 - 108 x 84 x 15 cm - weight: 18.5kgs.
Box 2 - 103 x 71 x 15 cm - weight: 18.5 kgs.

The Devon Hen House is supplied flat packed for easy home assembly. This set comes flat packed in 2 boxes. Instructions are included. All you will need is a small screwdriver and an adjusting spanner.

How many hens can the Devon hold?

The raised roosting and nesting area of the Devon Hen House will hold 6 to 7 medium sized birds quite comfortably. Some customers do keep more birds inside as there is over 9sq feet of space but we feel up to 7 is a good number.

Wood & General Maintenance

The wood we use in this product is a highly durable and scented softwood which is noted for its resistance to decay and rot. Our wooden coops are treated with a base coat of wood preservative but as with all outdoor wooden structures, we recommend that you treat your coop with a high-quality varnish or wood preservative once a year (preferably before the winter season) to maintain the applied preservative and water repellent properties. We also highly recommend that you try and position your chicken coop in a protected area which is not overly exposed to high winds and the elements.

* All measurements are approximate and are provided for informational purposes only.

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1. How many hens can the Devon hold?

The raised roosting and nesting area of the Devon Hen House will hold 6 to 7 medium sized birds quite comfortably. Some customers do keep more birds inside as there are over 9sq feet of space but we feel up to 7 is a good number.


2. Can I fit an Automatic Door Opener to this coop?

Yes, the Devon Hen House has be specifically designed so it can be fitted with an automatic door opener. We use and recommend this door opener kit which comes with a door opener.


3. Can I have the Devon with a verticle (pop-hole) door?

The Devon comes with both a verticle opening (pop-door) and a sliding door. There are two 'front' panels. One has the sliding door and the other the pop hole door. You can choose to face either one in the front.


4. Is the wood treated?

Yes, the Devon Chicken Coop comes with a base coat treatment of wood preservative. As with all outdoor wooden structures in our harsh climate, we recommend that the timber is treated on a regular basis to ensure a long life. If the coop is treated, to begin with, and thereafter on a yearly basis and is well looked after and cleaned regularly there is no reason why a lifespan of 5 to 7 years or more could not be expected. There are many popular products available with Cuprinol, Ronseal and Wilkinson amongst the better known brands.A lot of customers use and recommend these: Brand Option 1 or Brand Option 2.


5. Can I use the Devon Chicken Coop for keeping ducks?

While the product has been specifically designed to house chickens a few customers have purchased the Devon for their ducks and the feedback has been positive.


6. Can I add a run at a later stage?

Yes, you can add runs at any stage. These can be joined onto the front or back of the coop and you can join as many runs together to form as long space as you need. For more info on the Devon Run by itself click here: Devon Chicken Runs


7. Is the Devon fox-proof?

We would like to think that our coops are made to a higher standard than most other suppliers in this price range. While we have purposely used thicker, sturdier wood, wire and locks with the aim to make it as safe and secure as possible for your chickens we cannot absolutely guarantee that foxes and other predators won’t try and target them. Foxes are by far the biggest threat that your pets will face, so if you are going to keep chickens then we also urge you to take these added precautions, especially if you know that you have foxes in your area.